Health and Safety Management Systems

What exactly is a Health and Safety Management System?

Well it is a process put in place by a business to minimise the risk from hazards in the workplace that may result in injury or ill-health.

It includes processes for identifying hazards, as well as assessing and controlling risks to workers in all the businesses activities or undertakings.

The scope and complexity of the system will depend on the type of workplace(s) and the type of operations carried out.

Any effective health and safety management system should include the following elements:

  1. A written Company Policy that clearly demonstrates management commitment to health and safety

  2. Identification of Hazards and Assessment of Risks to workers within the business

  3. Control measures to eliminate or minimise the risks to workers from those hazards

  4. Worker training and competency strategy

  5. Monitoring and Review program (to ensure the system continues to be fit for purpose)

  6. Emergency response planning (Fire, Earthquake, Chemical Spill etc.)

  7. Incident reporting and investigation (including Notifiable Events)

  8. Management system administration (who will maintain it)

We can develop a bespoke Health and Management System for your business as well as monitor and review any exsiting one you may have to ensure it remains fit for purpose.


If you would like to discuss your health and safety requirements then please contact me for a no obligation meeting.