Machine Guarding Audits

WorkSafe NZ have identified Machinery Safety as one of their priority action areas and have therefore issued several guidance documents, including a Safety Toolkit (which refers to the AS/NZS 4024 Safety of Machinery series of standards as a benchmark) to try and assist businesses in identifying and controlling machinery related hazards. 

AS/NZS 4024.1:2014 series of standards provides guidance on the performance characteristics of a range of guarding systems, including ergonomic principles to be followed.

We can assist you in identifying your current level of compliance by carrying out an audit of your equipment and machinery.

The primary focus of the audit will be to carry out a review of your machinery safety, identifying any issues that require further action to ensure compliance with current health and safety legislation, good practice guidelines and national standards.

Following the audit, you will receive a written report that includes specific hazards identified, a risk profile for any machine that is considered to pose a significant risk of injury to workers, as well as my recommendations regarding the actions required to be taken in order to comply with current standard AS/NZS 4024.1:2014.

 If you would like to discuss your health and safety requirements then please contact me for a no obligation meeting.

The following Free Resources are available to download - 

Risk Assessment Calculator  - an Excel based guide to help users carry out their own machinery risk assessments

Safety Distance Calculator - The calculator worksheet enables the user to enter value for the height of the hazard zone and the distance to the hazard zone to obtain a height for the required protective structure.


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